High Yield Single Asset Farming

Pinecone Finance - Multiple Strategy Single Asset Farming

Pinecone Finance is the next generation of yield optimizer protocol on BSC with the aim of making yield farming more rewarding, sustainable and effortless.

The Rise and Issues of Yield Optimizers

Yield farming is a DeFi concept where users stake their crypto assets in order to receive passive income, which has become in favor these days, especially in the time of crypto market uncertainty.
Nevertheless there are many issues still plaguing yield farmers including the lack of sustainability, poor user experience, and most importantly, security risks especially flash loan attacks which has already caused hundreds of millions of losses for projects and investors.
Pinecone is here with the aim to tackle these challenges.

How Pinecone Helps

Pinecone differentiates itself from other Yield Optimizers in the following ways:

Multiple Strategy Single Asset Farming

Pinecone focuses only on single asset farming in order to avoid the risks associated with farming via LPs.
What is unique about Pinecone is that, for each crypto asset, it will offer multiple farming strategies with different risk/return profiles, so that farmers can select the most suitable ones based on their own preferences, and easily switch between different vaults anytime they want.

Anti Flash Loan Attacks

No matter how complicated a flash loan attack is, it has to be using smart contract to execute large number of transactions in one block. Pinecone’s flash loan attack defending system works in two levels:
  1. 1.
    It restricts the direct access from 3rd party smart contract unless they pass Pinecone’s due diligence process including stringent security check
  2. 2.
    There is a max transfer limit per block to ensure no flash loan attackers can profit from dumping large amount of PCT within one block

Sustainable Passive Income for PCT Holders

Other than PCT rewards, PCT holders can also enjoy sustainable income in BNB coming from the performance fee charged for vault users.
Learn more in our Tokenomics session.
“If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”
- Warren Buffett
Happy Farming and Have Fun Collecting Pinecones!

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