About Pinecone

What is Pinecone?

Pinecone protocol is the multi-strategy single asset farming protocol on BSC, which users can deposit their crypto assets to earn passive income in an easy, effortless and sustainable way.
PCT holders get to enjoy the performance fee and transaction tax charged for selling (5%)

What is the contract address of PCT?

PCT: 0x4631d9D8b34f51B82958a19453bdc9eA0C4E49FC
PCT-BNB LP: 0x7e19234B088CDc2D7EDB8e797467c1b722F18F62

What is the PCT token and where can I get it?

PCT Token is our native governance and profit sharing token. PCT Holders govern our ecosystem and receive a portion of farm Performance Fee profits (in BNB). In addition, PCT token Holders share the Transfer Tax charged for selling PCT.
You can earn PCT by staking the stated crypto assets in the farms, or you can buy PCT through, and

What is the PCT' total supply and emission rate?

The Pinecone Token (PCT) has a max supply of 1,000,000,000 and will be released in a dynamic manner correlating to the earnings of Pinecone protocol. For every 1 BNB earned through the performance fee, 4,000 PCT are minted and distributed in the following way:
  • Max 2% for presale
  • 78% will be distributed to the users of the protocol
  • 10% vesting to seed investors
  • 10% vesting to team and advisors over the entire lifecycle.

What is the fee charged for using the vaults?

We charge 0.5% withdrawal fee for withdraw within 72 hours and 10%-30% performance fee based on profit.

How to add PCT token in my wallet?

Sometimes your wallet may not automatically display all the tokens you have and you will have to manually add their smart contract.
Click "Add Token" button on MetaMask and paste the PCT smart contract address: and you will see the PCT appear in your wallet.

Why is APY I see is different from what I actually calculated?

This is because of Pinecone's unique 2-layer mining strategy. Take Cake as an example, we first put Cake into its own pool to generate Cake profit, and then convert the Cake profit to BSW and deposit into the vault on Biswap, so the calculation APY is not the simple function of APR of one token. You can refer to the small question mark beside the APY displayed on the pool to learn more details.
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