Start Earning on Pinecone

Start Earning and Watch Your Pinecone Grow!

1.Go to and click “Connect Wallet
2. Click either the Metamask or Trust Wallet Icon depending on what you use
3. Select the Pool you want to invest in
4. Click on the Pool which you want to deposit funds, and you will see a drop down frame which you need to enter the amount of tokens you want to deposit and click “Deposit”, then a pop up window will appear and you will need to confirm the transaction in your wallet.
For the first time users, the process takes two steps of confirmation as the first time is for you to approve Pinecone protocol accessing the token in your wallet, and the 2nd step is to confirm the actual transaction.
Later on the process only takes one step confirmation.
Congrats! You have now deposited your crypto assets in the Pinecone Farm!
5. You can collect your earnings from time to time in different ways:
  • "Claim" allows you to take out all the profit while leaving the principal in the pool to continue earning profit
  • "Withdraw' allows you to take out part or all or your principal
  • "Withdraw and Exit" means you will take out all the principal and profit
While you can claim your profit any time you want, there will be a 0.5% fee for withdrawing principal within 72 hours of staking. The timer will reset every time you stake additional assets in the pool.

Enjoy Farming!

Last modified 3mo ago