PCT Staking Vault
PCT holders can stake their PCT in PCT vault to enjoy high APY reward. The reward comes from various sources

Performance Fee

PCT Holders can earn performance fees produced by Pinecone vaults in BNB. The performance fee will collected in a dynamic manner based on the PCT price.
When the 3-day average price of PCT is below 1 BNB = 4000 PCT ratio, the performance fee will be 10%; when the 3-day average price of PCT is above that ratio, performance fee will be charged at 30%.
The price check and adjustment will be done at 8:00 UTC every day. For every 1 BNB collected, 4000 PCT will be minted.

Transfer Tax

We charge a transfer tax of 5% for all sell transaction (2.5% for pre-sale participants). The transfer tax will be distributed in the following ratio:
  • 40% goes back to the PCT Holders, automatically distributed to their wallets. There won't be any complicated staking mechanisms, simply keep the PCT in your wallet and everything will be taken care of!
  • 40% is reserved into LPs, this will create a floor in liquidity on PancakeSwap at all time.
  • 10% is automatically burnt. These tokens are gone forever and will never come back in circulation; creating heavy deflation over time.
  • 10% will go back to the Pinecone Protocol wallet as the Dao Fund, these tokens will be used for marketing, rewards and reserve to fuel the long term development of the project, to be governed and decided fully by our community.

Reward per Block

We will also offer PCT vault users certain amount of PCT rewards on per block basis. The specific no. per block will be determined based on the total supply of PCT and other various factors