Fee Structure
We are starting off with the following fee structure for farming:
Withdrawal Fee
There is a 0.5% withdrawal fee from Vaults if a Withdrawal happens within 72 hours of deposit.
Performance Fee
The performance fee will collected in a dynamic manner based on the PCT price.
When the 3-day average price of PCT is below 1 BNB = 4000 PCT ratio, the performance fee will be 10%; when the 3-day average price of PCT is above that ratio, performance fee will be charged at 30%.
The price check and adjustment will be done at 8:00 UTC every day.
For every 1 BNB in fees collected, 4,000 PCT tokens are minted and distributed to respective users (proportionally based on individual's share in the vaults).
So long as the price of PCT stays above 1BNB/4000PCT, users are actually earning money through this performance fee system.
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